Mobile app for the New Generation Wi-Fi Router

About the Videotron Wi-Fi app

What is the Videotron Wi-Fi app?
The Videotron Wi-Fi app is a simple tool available right on your tablets and mobiles that you can use to manage your Wi-Fi network!

Would you like to personalize your network with an easy-to-remember name and password? The app lets you make your Wi-Fi more user friendly! Do you have kids at home and you’d like to decide who connects to the Wi-Fi and when? The app lets you easily manage specific connection times! Have you noticed that your Internet connection is lagging? The app suggests diagnostic tools and offers a speed test!
Is my tablet or mobile compatible with the Videotron Wi-Fi app?
The operating systems required by this app are:
  • Android OS 4.4.2 and later
  • iOS 8.1.2 and later

Some older devices, such as the ones listed below, may present compatibility problems:

  • Alcatel One Touch OT768
  • LG F4NR
  • Samsung C414V
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace II
  • Samsung Note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S3

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Services for the
hearing impaired (TTY)
From your Videotron mobile phone, dial 611.