Protect your inbox

Best practices

We suggest the following best practices for protecting your password:
  • Choose a password that is different than the ones you use for other applications
  • Choose a password that does not personally identify you (i.e. do not choose your date of birth, name, the names of your children, etc.)
  • Change your password regularly (for example, every three months)
  • Immediately change your password whenever you are assigned a temporary one
  • Memorize or protect your passwords using a program created for this purpose
Passwords accepted by our system must conform to the following requirements:
  • Be between 6 and 8 characters long
  • Use both numbers and letters (no accented letters)
  • Contain no special characters (i.e., !, +, %, $)

To make your password easier to remember, choose a password made from the first letter of each word of a familiar sentence. For example: Jack walks his dog twice a day. This sentence will give you the following password: jwhd2ad
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