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Long-distance calls and toll-free numbers

What type of calls are considered local and what type are considered long distance?


Videotron uses the same local calling zones as the industry. To find out whether a call is local or long distance, visit


To find out which company is your long-distance provider, call 1 700 555-4141.


I subscribed to another long-distance provider. What happens to my subscripton?

When your telephone number was migrated to the Videotron network, Videotron automatically became your long-distance provider. However, if you want your service to be reactivated with your previous provider, you must contact this provider.


Are long-distance calls between Videotron residential telephony and Business Line subscribers free?


Long-distance calls are free between Residential and Business Videotron mobile and cable telephony subscribers. To know what fees are generated by other long-distance calls, please refer to your subscription plan.


As a Videotron Business Line customer, can I obtain a 1 800 number?


Yes. Contact our Customer Service to find out more.


Can I make occasional long-distance calls with a 10-1- or 10-15-type code?


Videotron transfers all long-distance calls starting with 10-1 and followed by another digit. However, certain providers of this type of long-distance calling still do not accept calls from Videotron. Contact your provider for more information.

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